Lontanara is a vocal choir constituted solely of women singing a capella.
Its repertoire consists mostly of traditional west-african (Ghana, Congo, Senegal, Mali) and south-african chants, as well as a few personal gospel arrangements. The choir sings under the direction of Lydie Kotlinski, vocalist and teacher who has been practicing this repertoire and its teaching for 17 years, and during concerts is accompanied by the famous compositor and percussionist Sloma.

Lontanara was created 4 years ago during Dni Pokoju in Dabrowka, as a fruit of the African chants workshop. At first, it was composed of three women, habitants of Dabrowka and the leader. Soon after, the choir migrates to PMDK situated in Lubartow, where to this day weekly meetings are being held, and its number of active members amounts up to 12 people. Łontanara is now present at Chaka Zaka, cultural center of university in Lublin, from October 2017.

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Łontanara rozpoczął prezentacje na scenie w drugim roku swojego istnienia:
  • sierpień 2012, festiwal  Światowe Dni Pokoju 2012, Dąbrówka
  • 28 sierpień 2013, festiwal  Światowe Dni Pokoju 2013, Dąbrówka
  • pażdziernik 2013, Zaduszki Muzyczne, Lubartów
  • 08 marzec 2014, Dni Kobiet, Lubartów
  • 17 maj 2014, restauracja Zielony Talerzyk, Lublin
  • 28 czerwiec 2014, Klubojadalnia Przystanek Korzeniowa, Kazimierz
  • 04 lipiec 2014, restauracja Zielony Talerzyk, Lublin
  • 12 lipiec 2014, Zlot Przyjaciół, Karczak
  • 30 sierpień 2014, Światowe Dni Pokoju 2014, Żurawlów
  • 07 wrzesień 2014, Dąbrówka